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Taking the plunge for New Year!

Mary's Shell at Cleveleys. Find out more at

Our thanks to the Morecambe & Lancaster Lancashire Open Water Swimmers who have nominated Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs to receive donations for their New Year's Day event.

Members of the group will be swimming off the Cleveleys coast around the 'Mary's Shell' landmark between 10.45am and 12 noon.

Now, we know a lot about beach wheelchairs but we don't know much about open water swimming so please visit the MALLOWS page at to join the group and for information on the sport. If you are not an experienced open water swimmer please do contact MALLOWS in advance to get involved.

If you'd like to support the swimmers by attending and maybe drop a pound or two into the collecting pots for Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs, some of our volunteers will be there with a couple of the chairs.

As always please observe the COVID guidelines for travel, social distancing and hygiene at all times.

Thank you again to the brave souls taking to the water!

Donations to Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs can be made at



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