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We love to hear your comments about our service and how much it means to be able to access the beach.

Please contact us if you have some feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to develop. 

About the experience:-


You certainly made our day last week. I have waited 14 years to get my adult son on a beach, even on the way to Fleetwood I thought in my mind it would not happen for some reason but it did happen. I must point out the very friendly supportive staff who work voluntarily, you are amazing and you are making dreams happen, be proud 👏👏👏🏆

This was amazing!  It meant we could have the best day on the beach without all the upset.  We’ll be back

Major blessing to be back on the beach after 15 years

Brilliant service, really easy to use

Great idea thank you will definitely come again

My son had a wonderful time and loved being in the sea watching and listening to the waves

Made a good day fantastic – so happy

Fantastic very lovely people who showed us how to use the chairs

This is a wonderful experience for us all

A memorable experience for the whole family

Best day ever

First time Alex has been in the sea he loved it

Finally able to get my feet in the sea again! thank you so much

At 93 she thought her days by the sea were done... Windmills were an excellent addition

So much fun and laughter thanks


About the staff:-

All the staff are friendly and just made my Mum’s week

Volunteers are very helpful.  Our son got a huge amount from today

You are all doing a fantastic job – thank you so much for helping us to make happy memories


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