We love to hear your comments about our service and how much it means being able to access the beach.

Please contact us if you have some feedback and suggestions of how we can continue to develop. 

"Had a brilliant time, threw stones into the sea for the first time. Loved the water, touching the waves. All said, Matthew loved the chair!"

"Wonderful experience that gave my husband a sense of freedom and a unique experience."

"Thank you for making Archie's day amazing!"

"Felt like normality being able to get down to the sea. Brilliant idea. Will visit again! Keep it up, good luck."

"Great to be able to go onto beach with the grandchildren."

"Fabulous! First time on the beach for 22 years."

"Fantastic day. Ellie loved the chair, easy to use and very comfortable. The staff were excellent and very helpful."​


"Sarah really enjoyed her time on the beach and she will definitely be back!"

"Fabulous day out on the beach. Amazing to have this available to access the beach when otherwise we’d be sat on the side. My 11 year old son loved it as did his family. Fantastic experience. Loved it. Will be back. Thanks."

"Brilliant. Never used one before and Thomas absolutely loved it. Fantastic, thank you for setting this up."

"Amazing to have the chance to get to the water’s edge. It was bliss."

"First time on the beach at 24 years old! Fantastic service."

"Really helpful volunteers and the chairs were easy to use. We really enjoyed being able to take them on the beach and near the water."​

"It’s so nice to have an activity we wouldn’t normally get to do. Very easy and nice activity, would recommend to others and will come again."

"We had a wonderful time. Amelia loved being on the beach."

"Excellent for disabled people. Brilliant idea."

​"Fantastic experience. Really helpful staff, can’t thank you enough."

"Much smoother than I expected! We used a Firefly GoTo seat insert and it was fab"​


"Amazing idea, literally life-changing. Makes all the things we take for granted a reality for the less-abled."

"My daughter loved being able to go in the sea and on the beach. She was very comfortable the whole time. Very easy to manoeuvre."

"We will be back. Thank you for making Archie’s day amazing."​


"Amazing, so happy to see more accessible activities. Thank you!"

"It was fantastic to be able to get my daughter beach. The staff were so helpful. Great experience for us all as a family to enjoy the sea."

"It felt incredible to be able to take my daughter on the sand for the first time in 14 years. We had never been able to take her out before."

"First time we’ve been able to get my daughter onto the beach hassle-free! Thank you very much. We all really enjoyed it! The only thing – if there was a chair that reclined that would be better."

"Can't wait to come again!"