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Our Partners


Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs would like to thank the organisations and community groups who support our work:

Rotary Club of Fleetwood

The original idea for the charity came from our chair of trustees, Michael Gray, a member of Fleetwood's proactive Rotary Club and throughout they have encouraged him to look at what could be achieved. The Club has made a substantial donation towards the cost of a chair, and many Rotarians also volunteer for the beach wheelchairs.

> Visit the Rotary Club of Fleetwood website

Fleetwood Town Council

A large donation from the Town Council's community fund supported the purchase of three chairs in our fleet. Two of our trustees are also local councillors, passionate about making Fleetwood a better place to live and work in and to visit. The support of the Town Council ensures the charity is always closely linked to the community.

> Visit the Fleetwood Town Council website

Wyre Council

Securing suitable premises was always essential to the founding and the long-term success of Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs. Wyre Council have worked closely with us with the leasing of our 'Wheel Base' headquarters just a few metres from the Promenade. Officers of the Council continue to provide their expertise and support.

> Visit the Wyre Council website

Healthier Fleetwood

The first partners approached to get the idea off the ground was Healthier Fleetwood, a not-for-profit organisation with a remit to "connect the community". Much of the administration and marketing has been overseen by officers of Healthier Fleetwood, as well as introductions to potential funders and partners.

> Visit the Healthier Fleetwood website

Baxter Life Care Ltd

This family-run business provides a range of value-for-money social care services across the Fylde Coast. The company supports us with their expertise and advice, and has provided specialist equipment for the use of our visitors.  We are also delighted to welcome Baxter Life Care Ltd as our website sponsors for 2021.

> Visit the Baxter Life Care Ltd

Blackpool Palatine Rotary

We are grateful to our friends a little further South along the Fylde Coast for a generous donation to our funds allowing us to purchase a second Sandcruiser chair in February 2021. Palatine Rotary hope to support setting up a beach wheelchair service in Blackpool in the future, we will be pleased to offer them our advice along the way.

> Visit the Blackpool Palatine Rotary website

Ross Handling

A family-run business based in the East Midlands offering a wide variety of accessibility products and the official UK distributor of WheelEez products, providing multiple ranges of beach wheelchairs, walkers and accessories. Ross Handling are proud to be the preferred supplier to Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs.

> Visit the Ross Handling website and mention Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs for any enquiries

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