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Sunshine and smiles as we get wheels on the beach!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

The glorious weather yesterday was an opportunity to have a test run of our first beach wheelchair.

We are just waiting on confirmation of our new premises before officially launching the service so can't offer the chair for bookings yet but just having it on the Promenade by Marine Hall attracted a lot of interest!

Two visiting families had a short time using the chair, which is called a Hippocampe. The specially adapted design with large wheels means it is ideal for the mix of shingle, soft and hard sand on the beach.

Myah and her family from Chorley thought it was a great idea and are looking forward to returning to Fleetwood when the service is launched. Liam and his family also had a go, saying how "light and easy to use" the chair was. It was lovely to see the reaction of everyone as the enjoyed some time on the beach.

So a reminder again, we are not fully operational just yet but getting ever nearer!



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