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Can you help #1 ...

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs is a registered charity run entirely by volunteers. We already have a lovely group of kind-hearted folk giving a few hours of their time now and then to operate the service but we do need more help.

If you can spare just half a day a month to be part of the rota of volunteers your support will make a difference to the life of somebody using a chair to access the beach, helping them and their families to make memories.

As a volunteer you will always be alongside other members of the team, there's no 'heavy lifting' or pushing, it's just about being friendly and helpful as visitors arrive for a chair and when they return.

We are open weekends in half-day shifts 10am to 1pm and 1pm to 4pm, plus we are hoping to be open for all the school holidays including the forthcoming October half-term ... more about that soon, and of course subject to changes in the health guidelines.

If you would like to volunteer please see the form here or email and we'll be in touch very soon for a chat.

Thank you.



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