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An update from our chair of Trustees ...

Mick Gray, our founder and chair of Trustees says,

"So we had hoped to be a lot closer to launching our service by now but events of the last few months have of course slowed our progress.

As we write, the feeling seems to be the community and Country is starting to look forward again and needs positive ideas and projects that provide hope for better times.

Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs certainly does that.

After the understandable delay and uncertainty of recent month we are now moving forward again towards launching our service to the local community of Fleetwood and those who choose to visit the beautiful beaches of the town.

We already have one specially designed all-terrain wheelchair (shown here purely for demonstration purposes) which we will shortly be putting into operation on the beach. We’re launching a campaign to raise money for a hoist to put in our base which we are in negotiation to lease on the promenade. We also need more all-terrain chairs and different designed chairs to meet the needs and wants of those that will be using our facilities.

There is no similar provision anywhere in the North West of England. This will be unique to the Fylde Coast and specific to Fleetwood. At this very difficult time, as the Country emerges from the Lockdown imposed by COVID-19 and the continued restrictions that will prevail until some sort of normality is attained people will want to stay at home and probably not risk venturing abroad.

A stay-at-home holiday can be much improved if a family with a disabled member can be assured that the whole family can be together on the beach to picnic or just roam by the water’s edge. A regular wheelchair cannot do that. Our Hippocampe can. I saw myself last week when thousands headed onto the beaches those in wheelchairs sat and watched from the promenade. How unfair is that?

A holiday, a break or day out is not fully inclusive if a family member cannot enjoy all the facilities open to the rest of the family. Our Registered Charity (1187870) aims to fill the void that is created by disability or infirmity.

We intend to grow. It has taken two years to reach this point but we have now arrived. Support us please. Follow our web site and give whatever you can to our Just Giving Page.

No-one knows when illness, accident or disability will strike a family. Help us now to help people now, and into the future, to enjoy the simple, healthy things we all take for granted.

Thank you."

Mick Gray (9th June 2020)



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