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Exciting possibilities ahead!

This week we took delivery of our seventh chair, a Sandpiper, funded by a successful bid to Sport England and their local partner Active Lancashire.

The Tackling Inequalities Fund fund was established to help reduce the negative impact of coronavirus and the widening of the inequalities in sport and physical activity. In particular the fund will support groups to continue to exist and engage with their communities with a view to keeping them active during both the lockdown and early recovery stages.

Our bid focussed on the importance of improving opportunities for individuals with limited mobility to access the beach and shoreline with their family and friends, something most of us take for granted.

In addition to the chair, we will be purchasing equipment and materials to encourage activities that are fun, educational and support good physical and mental health. These will include sports and games, arts and crafts, birdwatching and much more!

Independently of this funding, we have already been approached by other organisations with ideas for making the beach area more accessible to all ... and we welcome more interest.

As lockdown eases, and the days grow longer and warmer, we will share more details of these activities. In the meantime our thanks again to Sport England and Active Lancashire, we look forward to working with you.

Find out more about the work of Sport England and the fund at


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Kathy Standing
Kathy Standing
Mar 19, 2021

Fantastic!! We are really looking forward to seeing you again soon :)

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