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Our COVID-19 policy

We anticipate this policy will be reviewed and adapted in line with the prevailing Government guidelines
- see links at foot of page.

Wheelchairs will be available by pre-booking by phoning 03000 111 003. Clients will be asked to not book or come down to use our equipment if they have been asked to self-isolate or are showing any symptoms of COVID 19.


All information will be gathered at the time of booking from the client including disclaimers, this will be done on the phone or online via the website or email. Clients will be asked to give permission for this information to be stored and given a membership number in order to make future bookings easier.


Maintain social distancing of 2 metres at all times - Volunteers will encourage all clients to follow these rules.

Hand Sanitizer will be available outside the Office - hands to be sanitized before and after each interaction with equipment or people. Volunteers will ask clients to sanitize their hands on arrival.


Volunteers will wear their face masks when dealing with clients, other members or volunteers, or any equipment.

Only volunteers are allowed into the Office in order to retrieve equipment.

Masks must be worn when in the Office.

All waste to go into a closed lid bin.

All equipment that has been used will be disinfected.

Only one volunteer will deal with one client from start to finish, keeping social distancing at all times.

After the wheelchair is returned it will be disinfected before returning to the Office.


Please Read All Disclaimers Carefully

Clients should also maintain social distancing, on the beach.


Links to Government & NHS guidelines

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